As a foodie myself, I am always scouring for the best local eats here in Miami, and once in a while find myself trying new dishes abroad.

Fashion: My fashion style is always evolving in the same way that we as people are. Follow along to see my lookbooks through different seasons, destinations and years.

Travel: Traveling is something I love. I have been fortunate enough to have already seen and experience many different places, but I still hope to see more. Traveling gives me a sense of connection and deeper knowledge into the world. It has inspired me so much, that I have decided to create a photo diary of each place I visit.


Why “Vogue On My Mind”? I chose this as my blog’s name, inspired by my love and fascination with fashion magazines. Since a young age, I have collected magazines and been inspired by their beautiful images and aesthetics. They have shaped much of my thoughts including the direction I took with my career.

How did the blog started? I initially created my blog in 2013, so at a very young age during the time that blogging increasingly took off. I spent much time admiring the work of other bloggers and decided to create my own to document my passion for fashion, travel and elevating lifestyle elements such as food.

What did you study in college? For my undergrad, I went to Florida International University and studied Digital Communications and Media. I also minored in marketing. For my Master’s, I studied Media Management at the University of Miami.

May I use your photographs on my site? Of Course! Please just make sure to link them back to my site as they are copyrighted.





My Work



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