In the Bay Area

Last year during spring, I traveled to California, and I know that usually when you think of California you instantly think L.A, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and all of the glitz & glam that comes along with it. That’s what I thought of too until I realized that I would only be going to San Francisco. Sure I had heard of San Francisco before, I mean how can you not?! But for some reason it just never really called my attention that much. That all changed once I got there. I honestly I didn’t expect San Francisco to be as amazing as it was. There is so much diversity there which I think is what I loved so much about it. You can see it among the people as well as in the fashion. Of course while I was there, I had to go see the legendary Painted Ladies and say hi to uncle Jessie! (Lol). The Golden Gate Bridge was grand. It almost didn’t even look real. I literally felt like I was still looking at it through an old film movie. I have to say though, my favorite part of San Francisco was Haight-Ashbury. That’s the town where all the hippies still roam around and the streets are filled with funky graffiti. It’s thee place to be for artsy people like me. Not to mention that you’ll find some pretty awesome thrift shops with great antiques. If you were to ask me about San Francisco these days, I would tell you that I’m dying to go back, and I would even consider it as place to live in the near future. I’d definitely recommend for anyone to go there because it has so much to offer for everyone. Just make sure you take some sweaters to keep warm from the breezy bay!

Here are a few photos from my trip:

Taken with my vintage sunglasses that I bought there at Haight – Ashbury.







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