Home Candids

IMG_8117 IMG_8125 IMG_8164

Sometimes the best photos are the most natural ones. I’ve heard this many times, but this time I tried to capture them myself. It was just a normal day after school when the sun was already setting and I decided to pick up my camera and start taking a few pictures around my house. Everything was pretty calm so I just started taking pictures of things in it’s natural habitat. See that thing right there in the third photo? Yeah that’s my rescue dog! Her name is Wendy, and as you can see, she loves jumping on my bed and staying there all day. I was shocked that she stayed there while I took that photo of her though. Usually when she sees me with a camera she knows that means trouble and she usually runs away! Good thing she didn’t that day because I really like how that photo came out. I think the lighting of the golden hour really helped bring the mood alive. It helped enforce the shadows and texture. See, even when you don’t have much around you, there are still many beautiful moments that can be captured. The camera always seems to remind me that which is one reason why I love photography so much. The world around you can be so beautiful in ways that you may not even notice sometimes. Never take any moments for granted because sometimes even the simplest ones, can be the best.


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