Indian Inspired Face Mask

Through today’s variety of cultures, there are some of the best kept beauty secrets. Women from all over the world seem to have their own and sometimes, different beauty routine. Here in the US, I think it’s safe to say that most women including myself, indulge mostly in cosmetic products with various chemicals in hopes for better skin. Recently, I met a girl named Rebecca who was visiting from India, and she showed me her ways to getting better skin. She’s not a big believer in using harsh chemicals for her face so instead she relies mostly on natural ingredients. Sunblock for instance is one product that she avoids. Instead, she prefers to use strawberries. She explained to me that they help reduce the appearance of harshly tanned skin. She’s always on top of her skin. She told me that just how you feed your body, you should feed your skin. That’s why she uses a variety of natural products to help keep her skin looking flawless. Each night she makes her own face mask, and it has become a routine for her. It certainly seems to be working because she’s got very even and vibrant skin, especially in her face. It’s no wonder since her mom even owned her own beauty salon in India. She recommended that I try one of the face masks myself. The only ingredients needed were strawberries and rosewater. Some people may not be so familiar with rosewater but neither was I at first. Although mostly used in Europe and Asia, it was once very common back in the day, and if you ask your grandma about it, she might just know what it is! You can try finding Rose water at your local drugstore, but if you can’t find it, you’ll definitely be able to purchase it online. So basically, what the mask does, is it helps add moisture to your face while the seeds from the strawberries act as a great scrub. The rosewater, helps hydrate the skin. When I woke up the night after using it, I could already see a difference in my face with how smooth it was. If you’re interested in trying the face mask for yourself, I’ve posted the directions down below for making it.





How To Make Your Own Moisturizing Face Mask:

1.Take about 6 strawberries and toss them into the blender.

2. Add about 2 tablespoons of rosewater into the blender as well.

3. Blend the ingredients together. It should only take 15 seconds the most to blend them well.

4. Pour the blend into a small container. (If you plan on using it later, close the container & leave it in the fridge meanwhile).

5. Once you’re ready, apply one layer of the mask onto your face and rub it in to make sure that it sinks into your pores.Let it dry and then add a second layer.

6. When the second layer is all dry, you can then wash it off with water. Make sure not to apply anything else on to the face for a while so that it really settles in.

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