Inked by Dani: Temporary Handmade Tattoos


Hey there! I am so excited to announce, that after falling in love with these beautiful temporary tattoo designs from Inked by Dani, I am now a brand ambassador for them! They have been featured on various fashion magazines and by other bloggers as well. These temporary tattoos last over a few days, and they’re waterproof. The tattoos have a great range of designs and honestly, I find them to be such a great addition to a look since they’re so cute.  They can range from soft intricate designs, to more bold and colorful ones. They all look rad and can pass for being “the real thing”! Perfect for anyone who wants a tattoo without the compromise of keeping it forever. If you are interested and want to try them out yourself, you can visit their website and use my code “Samirafor 10% off your purchase!




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