Things To Consider When Joining a Sorority ~ Personal Growth

Before moving onto grad school…I wanted to take the time to appropriately discuss the benefits of joining a sorority career wise, as well as personally.

People always talk about how fun it can be, but there are also long term things that aren’t pointed out as much: personal growth and career benefits. Since my freshman year of college, I was excited to be a part of Greek Life, but figured it wasn’t the best time for me. Although I joined late, I feel that it was the right time, especially in terms personal growth. I was able to meet new friends that I have gained many special memories and bonds with. Being active on campus was also a great way of contributing for good causes. For me personally, it was also a positive way to get out of my shell, with with the support of like-minded girls. Always remember that the effort that put into something, is what will come back to you.



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