Crochet + Adventure

For a couple years now, I had this cute little blood-orange, crochet top from Tilly’s. I had worn it just a few times, but I still felt like I hadn’t made the most of it. When packing for Costa Rica, I glanced at my closet, and realized this would be the perfect place to where it to, and to let it have its what I like to call, star moment. It was perfect for the occasion. The color was tropical yet rough for the adventure, and trendy with detail yet easy to wear and breathable for the warm weather. To keep the adventure vibe going, I paired it with some grey leggings from Pink, and my sneakers inspired by travel from Soludos.

Something I love about these Soludos sneakers is that they’re made from recycled products. Its actually Soludos’ most eco-friendly product as of now. Costa Rica is all about Puravida which translates to pure life, and they really value all things eco-friendly, so it was the perfect trip to take these bad boys. The mesh/crochet like material of the shoes matched lovely with the crochet top, and the lace bandeau that I also bought from Victoria’s Secret Pink.

tilly's orange crochet top
soludos travel sneakers
(So comfortable for walking around all day)
costa rica travel style
(Holding a reusable purple bag that I was given at a local market)


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