A Taste of Italy in Costa Rica

The service was amazing and they treated us like queens. Above all, the food was some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had, if not the best. Possibly because the chef is originally from Italy, and moved to Costa Rica a while back. It was authentic and you could taste it. I had a deliciously, creamy and tasteful pasta carbonara, and of course, an aperol spritz to drink. For dessert, I had penna cotta, which had a caramelized topping…yumm. … More A Taste of Italy in Costa Rica

Taking a Breather

Taking a breather… Its something I think we should all do once in a while. For me, it can mean many things. There are different ways to relax and unwind from it all. Sometimes a spa day will work, other days a nice long walk by the beach. More on, some retail therapy. This summer, after graduating from graduate school (and after a long 2020 of quarantine), I took my usual summer trip. This time, I decided I would go somewhere that I had been longing to go for quite a while. A place where I heard adventure awaited, where fruits and trees blossomed, and where nature was more noticeably untouched. I went to Costa Rica. … More Taking a Breather