A Taste of Italy in Costa Rica

aperitif costa rica san jose
Complimentary Amaretto shot
authentic carbonara pasta costa rica
Pasta Carbonara
penna cotta san jose
Penna Cotta
Waiting for the chef to prepare the food
aperol spritz costa rica
Aperol Spritz

At the very end of my Costa Rica trip, I went to experience the city of San Jose. The day I arrived to the capitol, it was rainy and cloudy, limiting what could be done. I visited a couple places, but exploring the city was not going as planned. So… what do you do when its rainy and your day isn’t going as had hoped? Eat of course!

I quickly searched on my phone for yelp and found the closest quality restaurant I could find (which i hate doing), to step into somewhere dry, warm, and appetizing. If you know me, you know I hate searching in advance for restaurants when on I’m vacation. I’m more of a “where the moment takes you” kinda gal. But desperate times called for desperate measures…

Luckily, I’m still convinced to this day that it was the best move. I know you may be thinking… “Italian food in Costa Rica?,” I know I would honestly think the same. However, I did eat purely local food the days before, so I did experience their authentic taste. However, if you just want a little cheat day, or you are just an Italian food lover, I really recommend going to this place in Costa Rica. It called, Sapore Trattoria.

The service was amazing and they treated us like queens. Above all, the food was some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had, if not the best. Possibly because the chef is originally from Italy, and moved to Costa Rica a while back. It was authentic and you could taste it. I had a deliciously, creamy and tasteful pasta carbonara, and of course, an aperol spritz to drink. For dessert, I had penna cotta, which had a caramelized topping…yumm. What made this experience unlike any other, was having the chef cook the pasta right in front of us. He brought out a portable stove and guided us step-by-step on what he was doing. All in a cozy little spot in the middle of San Jose, Costa Rica… who would’ve thought.


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