Closing One Chapter, Opening Another

Dress: Garota | Shoes: Abound


Graduation Experience

As many may know, and possibly experienced a similar situation, this Spring was my final semester of college, at Florida International University. Although it didn’t end the way many of us thought it would, I’ve been hopeful and saw light through the midst of it all. It has been an opportunity to spread some extra love and gratitude in any way possible to those who have made the journey possible. Congratuatory letters, phone calls, car parades, and messages have also been even more touching in times like these. To all of those graduating alongside me, congrats class of 2020! In the four years of my undergraduate career, I’ve learned both life and academic skills that I will cherish and continue to grow upon, and when the time is right, I know there will be an even bigger celebration with hugs allowed.


Dress Experience

In search for the perfect little white dress during was not the easiest, but in the end it all worked out amazingly. I got the dress I had envisioned for a graduate photoshoot, and the one that I will be wearing once commencements resume. I wanted the dress to be casual but also trendy with classy details, and I was lucky enough to find the last one in my size. It is spaghetti strapped with a ruffle tied to the left side of the waist, creating a feminine detail and emphasizing curves. Due to the uncertain times, the store’s 40% off an all items made buying this dress a bonus, not even reaching $30. Be sure to check out the Venezuelan owned store, Garota for all their latest items and deals…maybe you too will find something.

What have you learned most in college? Comment below


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