Portugal | Por Fin Porto (and Lisboa)

Barrio Alto, Lisbon

Shortly after a few friends of mine visited Portugal, I realized how unique of a place it was and wondered why I hadn’t thought of going sooner. When the opportunity of studying abroad presumed, choosing Portugal as a place to visit seemed like too much  of a coincidence to pass up. Before I knew it, I was on a plane ready to visit Lisbon the capital, and the city Porto.

Why should you visit?

As a place that is not as popular of a thought when looking to travel to Europe, Portugal is actually becoming an increasingly popular place to visit with a larger tourism rate during the last few years. It is known for it’s colorful and uniquely detailed tiles that surround most its buildings and architecture throughout. Its charm makes it a quirky place to visit, and its slower pace of life makes for a calm destination. During my experience there, I found the people to be very much so calm in their way of living. In fact, it is known to be the “San Francisco” of Europe due to its many hills, bridges, and trolleys. Although I was able to spend a good few days there, I am still very eager to go back and visit the southern, costal area that I did not get a chance to see, including Lagos and Faro which have breathtaking cliffs and ocean views near the mediterranean.

Highlights in Lisbon:

  • Trolley rides throughout the city
  • Barrio Alto ( an artistic and colorful district)

Highlights in Porto:

  • Livraria Lello (one of the world’s most famous and beautiful bookstore said to be the place of inspiration for  J.K Rowling.)
  • Port wine tasting tour
Belem Tower, Lisbon


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Gino’s restaurant, Lisbon
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Lisbon city centre


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Barrio Alto, Lisbon
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Calem Port Wine cellar, Porto
Jardim de Joao Chagas, Porto
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