Minimalistic Nail Trend

Somewhere between a pop-of color yet minimalistic nail art seems to the latest beauty  trend these days. A nude or even a clear base seems to go a long way when done correctly by adding in a pop of color through unique minimal designs. A popular one being a thin line across the nail, others being a design towards the edge mirroring a french styled manicure. Especially with the use of vibrant summery and spring tones.

My take:

Not wanting to miss out on this trend, I booked my appointment last week after coming across a local nail spa on Instagram, with undoubtedly unique and fun designs. After seeing a picture, I knew it was what I wanted. If you know me, you know I am a fan of the greek symbol known as the “mati” or “evil eye” which is said to protect you from the bad. I have it in a few different charms and now, I seem to have it on my nails! I chose a neutral base, and a pop of blue as traditionally used for the symbol. It was a fun and unique design. Although not gel, they are already making their way to one week with no marks or smudges.

nail art samira navas
nail art trend samira navas

Here are some more of my favorite designs for this trend. You can find more on my Pinterest.

Feb 16, 2020 - STYLECASTER on Instagram: “When your manicure is a literal work of art 💅 Treat yourself to a fancy AF mani this weekend, you deserve it. #regram: @saratan”


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