Travel Gift Guide From Five Countries


Traveling is an opportunity to immerse into different cultures, meet new people, learn, and just have some of the most fun and breathtaking moments. Sometimes we want to bring back a little bit of that culture blog with us, or pass it along to others through what we call souvenirs, or gifts.

I myself scattered out a few of my favorite gifts that I have gotten for myself or others while on some of my trips. I have gifts from five different countries including Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, and Peru. Of course there are so many other wonderful things to get, such as food which is always a must, but these are just some of mine and which I found to have captured a bit of the culture, making them even more special.


travel gift guide samira navastravel gift guide samira navastravel gift guide samira navastravel gift guide samira navasIMG_3094IMG_3095

One of the details that captured my attention the most in Portugal, were the spectacular tiles throughout their architecture. I found the colors and patterns to be exquisite. I couldn’t help but bring back some of those detailed patterns through the form of earrings, rings, a cereal bowl, and a piece of tile itself. The tile is great to make a kitchen backsplash, but I simply bought one and use it as a candle holder ( not sure if thats really a thing). I love the beautiful bright blue against the white. Another accent piece was a kitchen cloth which highlights the colorful town, and was made in Portugal itself. Al the jewelry  was found locally through street sellers giving them a more authentic touch.



Moran glass necklace

This is a piece I wear so often because of the beautiful bright colors, not to mention that it matches with many of my outfits. Although this is a necklace, I consider it one that is very unique not only for its appearance, but its history. It is made from murano glass, typical and originating from Italy. I feel like it is a piece of Italy from that one vacation I went to in 2012.


travel gift guide samira navastravel gift guide samira navas

What better place than Paris, to bring back some art? These two items are from the Louvre museum, and works of Claude Monet. An artist I truly appreciate, its a nice feeling being able to have some of his work at home such as these in form of cupholders. Not only do they add a nice touch, but they are also great statement pieces to talk about when people come over. The letter stationary of his is also a nice piece, and great way to send others some art as well.



travel gift guide samira navastravel gift guide samira navasvogue samira navas gift ideas

One of my favorite things to buy in Spain, are the Vogue España magazines, which usually come in sets of two or even three as seen here. I find them to have the most up and coming trends and stories in fashion. Not to mention, there is usually a gift included as well such as the nautical tote seen here. At the Picasso museum in Barcelona, I also picked up a letter stationary, but this time, from Picasso of course. Its a great gift for someone who appreciates art, and even better considering it came straight from his museum.



travel gift guide samira navas
Handmade pillow set

These pillows make an instant statement. I have them place around my kitchen in a little nook, and they give such a bright and happy feel. Additionally, they bring lasting memories of my trip to Peru in 2017. I remember buying them in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, from a street vendor. These too were handmade and add a touch of their culture to my home. I bought them and then filled them up with cotton once I got back home.



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