Sustainable Colombian Jewelry That Holds A Conversation

If you are like me, and have been keeping up with the latest Netflix original, Down To Earth With Zac Efron , chances are you will be much more aware of the impact and importance on ecological sustainability and working with local products. It seems like a very obvious concept, but after watching the documentary series, there are many different little components that come to light and change the way you may have thought of some before. For example, the type of water we choose to nourish our bodies with and its source, the way in which crops are gathered to prevent deforestation, and many more.

A couple basic concepts that really stuck with me, and I’m trying to be more conscious about, include shopping for more local produce to eliminate potential foods that have been stripped from their original amount of nutrients and vitamins. Also, I a more conscious about the water I am drinking, making sure it is not heavily purified, which can potentially do harm.

I don’t know if this was a coincidence or just a way of putting more emphasis onto these situations, but I recently came across an artisanal jewelry and accessory store that implies the concept of using local and sustainable products only.  I thought it would be great to put more emphasis on products and stores such as these, so today I’ll show you a little bit of Amano Artisans.  They are a Colombian owned business, with handmade products. Many are made from local fruits and foods including orange peels, pistachios, and locally sourced seeds. The fibers used are locally sourced as well, along with natural wood. Some of their most

eco friendly artesano amano emerald tagua jewelry

popular items include the orange peel bracelets and necklaces. The orange peels are preserved and shaped into roses, then hand-painted before the use of eco-friendly fibers to prevent from tearing. A couple pieces I bought, were pistachio based earrings that have a bright pop of green shades within, and a large ring made with locally sourced wood. I personally love these pieces because of their bright and vibrant colors, that add just the statement needed to any outfit. They are also great statement pieces that can hold a conversation with people. They carry a rich history and help preserve the environment.

eco friendly artesano amano jewelry
eco friendly artesano amano jewelry
eco friendly artesano amano jewelry




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