Officially Pursuing Media Management for Grad School!

Hi everyone! I officially have a new update to share with you all. As many may know, it has been a dream, and goal of mine to pursue a career within the media field. More specifically, throughout my undergrad years at Florida International University, I realized that I also had a passion for marketing and management. Ultimately, I have realized would be ideal to work within the business segment of the media industry.

So now more than ever, would be the perfect time for me to continue working hard on those dreams to make them a reality. And with that being said, this fall (just within a few weeks now) I will be attending the University of Miami to continue my education in grad school, and earn my Master’s degree in Media Management.

This is such a unique and amazing opportunity being that the program is a partnership between both, the Miami Herbert Business School, and the Miami School of Communication. It basically combines my two goals and passions. In my latest video that I am sharing with you guys through YouTube, I talk more about the application process, the program, and tips to success. Make sure to subscribe for more videos that will be coming up soon! Stay safe everyone.  xoxo


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