Univision Internship Recap

After dreaming of landing an internship in the media field, along with persistence, and previous experience, my dream finally became a reality! The first of its kind, the STEP internship for Univision stands for “Student Training Employment Program”, and it is a partnership between Florida International University and Univision. I was more than excited to be part of its inaugural cohort, which included an opening ceremony with Univision’s CEO himself, Vince Sadusky.

Samira Navas Univision Miami

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for the media and journalism industry. Whether it was collecting magazines from a young age, the creation of this blog, or sitting down at 7pm to watch Giuliana Rancic anchor on E! News, the industry has always held an important place in my life growing up. Originally wanting to be an anchor, I realized the importance and love I had for digital content and decided to pursue a career in digital instead, leading me into the discovery of management in within media. This internship helped me with just that, by providing the latest trend on all aspects of digital story telling. Additionally, I got an extensive knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes at a newsroom. From shadowing the desk assignment, producer, and even a reporter during breaking news, it was just the exposure I needed to gain efficient and hands on experience into the industry.


Learning from producer in the control room.
Learning about the company’s guidelines and best practices of news reporting, from the Vice President News of Univision 23.
Samira Navas Univision STEP Internship Miami Premio Lo Nuestro

Other than being an intern, the program held many additional perks. One of them being invited to Univision’s awards, Premio Lo Nuestro. A star filled event, and for me, a glimpse into the entertainment side of the media field.

Samira Navas FIU Univision STEP Miami Premio Lo Nuestro
Samira Navas Univision STEP Miami Premio Lo Nuestro

After spending weeks working and learning with my colleagues, it was a sad goodbye as we took our equipment to work from home during the start of the pandemic. however, we took along us, many memories and created bonds that made us stronger team players. For anyone interested in diving deeper into the rams, this is an amazing program that will give you insight into the field, focusing on innovative and digital content. Its also important to note that what you put into the program, like many, is what you will get out of it. One of the highlights the program offered me, was being able to create content to inform an audience during such an essential time of covid-19. No matter what your final destination is in the media field, this program covers essential knowledge that anyone should have going in. I can tell you from experience as someone who strives to be in the management/marketing aspect of media, allowing for my creative and strategic skills.


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