Pastels on Pointe Shoes

After 10+ years of dancing, one of my dreams/bucket list items was to have a ballet/pointe photo session. Inspired by the photography of Ballet Zaida and the Ballerina Project, I was able to have my own little photoshoot, with a little help from a friend. Although it has been about 5 years since dancing, I miss it every day and will always find beauty in its art. Ballet, and more specifically pointe, is not only beautiful, but it is a sport of challenges, concentration, determination, and the overall result is always so rewarding showcasing one’s skills and presence on stage.

For these photos I wanted the styling to be fairly simple, capturing more of the emotion aspect of dance. I wore an emerald crop top from Stradivarius, and high waisted lounge shorts from American Apperal. All together, the pastel colors worked beautifully with the location resembling a summer/beachy feel.

samira navas ballet miamisamira navas ballet photography miamisamira navas ballet photography miamisamira navas ballet photography miami


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