Ft. Myers Beach & Sanibel Food Guide

Great Seafood- Green Flash

Dessert- Royal Scoop Ice Cream

Breakfast- The Island’s Pancake House

Fancy Diner- Bayfront Bistro

Night Out- Liki Tiki BBQ

Casual by the Beach- Pinchers

The Green Flash

ft. myers beach food

Amaretto Coffee

ft. myers beach food

Fried Shrimp with Fries & Coleslaw

Shrimp Bisque

If you find yourself going to Sanibel Island anytime soon, I highly suggest trying out the Green Flash. I had been recommended this place most specially due to its shrimp bisque which was said to be the best of its kind. Since i’m not a fan of lobster and never eat the famous “lobster bisque”,this seemed like a great option to try. I kid you not when I say this bisque was AMAZING! It was very creamy and thick, and had a great consistency along with amazing flavor. Personally, I’m looking forward to the next time I go back just to have more of this amazing shrimp bisque. For an entree, I decided to go with the fried shrimp. If you’re a shrimp lover, this is the place for you. It was some of the best fried shrimp I’ve ever had. To top it off, I ordered coffee with amaretto for an extra kick. It all truly tasted delicious in my opinion. Their coffee menu dedicated to coffee with liquor is another reason to go try this place. This is a place I won’t miss out on if I go back.

Royal Scoop Ice Cream

ft myers beach ice cream

This right here, is homemade ice cream from Royal Scoop at Ft.Myer’s Beach. Famous for their variety of flavors, I got cotton candy (always a favorite), and vanilla cherry. The perfect dessert for a hot summer day in Florida.

The Islands Pancake House

The Island's Pancake House

Before making my way to Ft. Myer’s Beach, I turned to one of my best friends, Yelp. Yelp and I go way back. Although I love to live in the moment, food is sometimes an exception and once in a while, I’ll sneak a little preview of whats good at the place I’l be visiting. In this case, I saw The Island’s Pancake House for breakfast. They serve very typical american food which living in Miami, I had a bit of craving for. I ordered the Biscuits & Gravy which was exactly what I was looking for. My friends all ordered omelettes, and from what I was told, it was some of the best omelettes they’ve had.

Bayfront Bistro

The Bayfront Bistro was not exactly the place we originally intended on going, but hey… the food was spectacular. On this evening, it started raining nonstop, and while looking for a place we could get to by feet, this was the closes one. This is definitely much more high scale. Fine dining if you will. If you’re looking for a more serious and fancy place to eat in town, this is a great option. It has beautiful views to the ocean, and you can watch as boats sail by through the glass walls. I ordered penne pasta with mahi mahi. I could really taste how fresh the fish was and overall, the pasta was fresh with flavor of vegetables as well. You can also go outside and eat outdoors on the deck which makes for a lovely dinner or lunch.

Liki Tiki BBQ

liki tiki bbq estero island

If you’re looking for a night out on the beach, there are different bar options to choose from. This particular one is called Liki Tiki BBQ. The environment is fun and upbeat, and it an area that more so snowbirds and retirees, this place had a more younger crowd. It definitely carries the tropical feel, and the drinks were great and the prices were even better. My friends got m


Pinchers is a restaurant with various locations in Ft. Myers Beach. The one I went to had beachside atmosphere and we sat down right on the beach and watched the sunset as we ate. The food was devoured, so at most, I got a photo of these fried calamari from a distance. The fried calamari is what I would especially recommend if you go here. Im not a huge fan, but these were crunchy, crispy, and had great flavor. And right after eating, take a walk on the beach!


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