March Favorites

I wouldn’t have considered myself much of a skincare guru/fan until recently. With so much hype around skincare these days, I jumped on the bandwagon to see if I saw any benefits myself. Little by little I’ve been learning to enjoy the routine and the self-pampering. I like using this oil as a 2 in 1: smoothness, and as a makeup remover. A while it can remove my makeup at night (specifically eye makeup), it also works wonders for prepping my skin before applying my foundation by leaving a smooth silky base for a flawless finish.

As mentioned, I love trying Pacifica products. I’d consider myself a loyal customer being that they have great and unique products all while being vegan and cruelty free. I love to buy products that I know are ethically made towards the environment and animals. I’ve bought Pacifica products at Ulta in the past, but Target also carries many of their products.

Since I do blow-dry my hair quite often, I figured that buying a quality brush would be a well deserved splurge. Searching on Amazon, I was able to find many different brands, styles, features, and eventually found this one. So far, I’ve felt that its done justice on my hair!


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