Mandatory Pumpkin Patch

If I had to pick a favorite October/Fall tradition, it would definitely be going to the pumpkin patch. Going to a pumpkin patch is what makes fall official for me. I usually go to a cute small little patch near my house and buy a couple pumpkins to put on my front porch for decoration, but once in a while, I’ll come across a fun, big, activity-filled patch that I can’t stop myself from going to! This year I went to the Berry Farm, in Homestead, Fl. It was all the talk lately, and after seeing photos on Instagram (I cant believe I’m admitting this lol), I new it was a must this season. What got me even more excited was their corn maze. I had never been to one. I could only imagine from what I had seen in movies🌾 There were so many fun little things going on, sunflower picking, smoothies, homemade honey (that I bought), pumpkins, trampolines, music, food, games… it was basically a fall fair, and I was there for it 🎃

miami berry farm corn maze

Wearing: Abercrombie high rise jeans, Amazon top, and Michael Kors sandals.
berry farm miami pumpkin patch
sunflower picking miami
Sunflower picking 💛🌻
miami corn maze
miami pumpkin match berry farm


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