Costa Brava Fashion & Leisure

The mediterranean sea, fresh seafood, a boat ride, what more could you possibly ask for? Maybe just a medieval castle which wouldn’t really be a problem over at Tossa de Mar, one of Costa Brava’s many towns. Known for its Medieval architecture and beaches at northeast Spain, its one of the summer’s hot spots for locals as well as for tourists. Many people who live nearby make it a place for their own summer home, including many French people being so close to the southern border of France. As a tourist, you can go beach hopping through its different towns, and enjoy the luxury of it’s fine seafood and it’s european costal vibe. There are many secret little passageways to walk through with eye catching details, and history behind it as well. Walking, you will also find many artisanal shops, of jewelry, clothes, and food. If your’e looking for an upscale getaway by the Mediterranean, this is an excellent choice.



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