Barcelona Fashion & Leisure


This post is long overdue. So here it is. One of the most memorable trips I’ve had yet, took place last summer during the month of August. As you may have peeked at the title, Barcelona was the destination. The idea of Barcelona always seemed so fun and adventurous to me (I think we can all blame Cheetah Girl 3 for that), and it just seemed like the perfect time to see what it was all about. Having spent a whole five days in the city, I can tell you that it was one of, if not the most, lively, colorful, and positive spirited places I’ve been to. I can also tell you, that with all five days, I could have easily used a few more to see and do more. Cramming through the city in one or even three days will not do it justice if you truly want to explore all that it has to offer. It has everything from the ocean, to the mountains, to city life, and shopping which made it make its way to number one on places I’ve been to.

Must-See: Personally, my top three favorite places there, were the Picasso Museum, Montserrat Monastery, and Park Guell.  However I loved the Barcelona experience as a whole. Aside from the top tourist spots, there is so much beauty and much to see in every corner. I’d recommend seeing at a slower pace to get a more authentic experience. I personally like to relax and enjoy each place on its own and not rush through different places. For example, walking through the Gothic Quarter and seeing its local shops and rich architecture. You can also walk down one of the most popular streets, Las Ramblas and explore local markets and restaurants. Another option is strolling through one of the fancier residential areas called Tibidabo, which is also home to the highest peak of the city and an amusement park.

Romper: Steps New York | Location: Park Guell


H10 Montcada Rooftop
Location: La Sagrada Familia
Top: Pull & Bear | Jeans: Hollister | Bag : Ralph Lauren | Location: Tibidabo
Location: Montjuic
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Location: Montserrat

Food: As long as you know the area your are at, and that it is safe, I would reccomend to experience local restaurants wherever the day or night takes you. Live like a local and  rather than searching up restaurant in advance. It makes for a more authentic experience. For dinner one night, I ate at beach or as they call it over there, the Bracelonetta. I ate at Pez Vela, and ordered a black paella that was deliciously fresh. The reason is it black instead of the usual yellow color, is because of the tint from squid.  Arenal Restaurant was another great restaurant that I went to for some drink by the beach. In Spain, one of the most traditional foods is churros with chocolate. The chocolate is strong, thick and rich unlike any other, and it is usually eaten for breakfast or sometimes as a dessert. I would say it is a must-try for anyone who visits.

Seafood Paella w/ Sangria
Location: Pez Vela | Paella Negra
Location : Arenal Restaurant



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