A Quick And Fun Parfait

Unlike my usual self, this morning I woke up with a big appetite ready for a brunch styled meal. Along with my main plate, I created a little side to complement and keep a balanced diet including dairy and fruit. The result? A quick and simple (yet fun) parfait that can be small bite of its own.

Vogue on my mind samira navas fun simple parfait


For the stylish: I’ve recently been loving using glass mugs and cups simply because of the aesthetic of style and elegance, especially when drinking coffee. I love that it shows the drink adding its own personal color and look with each use. For this parfait, I used a small clear mug as well to give it a fun and pretty look.

For the fun: Wheater you make this for adults or for children, its a chance to be creative  with food. I used a banana for my parfait, but of course you can use any fruit of your choice. For the fun part, I added in a little design and attempted a smiley face; making this another excellent reason for being a child favorite.

For the on-the-go: For the one who is in a rush for work, or to run some errands, this couldn’t be more simple and quick. Just pour some drinkable yogurt into a small cup, and add fruit to top. A more quick and simplified version would be like mine where I only added a banana instead of a variety of fruit.

Vogue on my mind samira navas fun simple parfaitVogue on my mind samira navas fun simple parfait

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