Cozy Fall with Michaels

Michaels Fall decor Vibes 2021

1. Sunflower Doormat

2. Let the Stuffing Begin Pumpkin Tabletop Décor

3. Golden Apricot Velvet Pumpkin Pick 

4. Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please Tabletop Sign 

5. Orange & Red Maple Leaf & Berry Wreath 

6. Hello Fall! Bike Tabletop Sign

7. Welcome Fall Hedgehog Throw Pillow

8. Sunflower & Black Metal LED Lantern

So many people turn to buying everything on Amazon now a days, but I can’t help but want to go out and have fun buying decor for the change of seasons, especially for fall!

Growing up, I would go to Michaels so often, whether for art supply for my art classes, or for fun DIY projects with friends and family. I’m 23 now and I still love going there. Each time I step foot into Michaels, it suddenly inspires the artist in me that I so often forget I have. I go in looking for one thing, but end up wanting to leave with so many more. That being said, Michaels has some of the cutest home decor for each season, and I especially get excited to decorate for fall with their beautiful wreaths, neutral florals, and all the other homey items that help make fall feel a bit more cozy!

In the guide above are just a few (very limited) items for fall decor now available at Michaels. I’ve been meaning to go soon and do a little shopping myself, and I’ll definitely be looking for these products when I go. A must for any season like fall, are some eye-catching accent pillows. I found a few on their website including this adorable “welcome fall,” with a hedge hog and pumpkin pillow. Another fall-must for your porch, are some lanterns for fall. I love this black LED one with sunflowers. Sunflowers are a fall staple, and when the lanterns are lit up at night, it creates a cozy and inviting feel to your home. Tabletops and signs to decorate your home are also great when hung on doors, or meticulously placed in cute little corners around your house. Florals and items like the pumpkin pick above, are great for creating fall centerpieces or mix-n-matching them in vases for fall themed bouquets.


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