Hello 24.. & The Cake of My Dreams

purple floral birthday cake with gold miami

If there is one thing that everyone can be happy to look forward to on birthdays… that should be cake right?! haha… I’ve always loved having special and customized cakes for my birthdays growing up, and now that I’m getting just a bit older into adulthood, I still love it. Cake is for the most part, universal for birthdays. And it makes me (for the most part), feel like a kid again no matter the age. During the last 2 years however, I didn’t have a birthday cake. So this year, where I would be having a casual birthday dinner with friends out in Miami’s, I knew I had to get one. After looking countlessly all over Instagram and Google for birthday cake inspiration, and prices around town, I found a talented cake designer here in Miami (Doral to be exact). Petit Cakes by Huguet has modern, beautiful, and creative cake designs with pickup and delivery available. The cake designer herself, Huguet, also happens to Venezuelan as well, which resonated closely to me. All bias aside, her cakes really are a work of art. She made this beautiful cake design for me. Purple and indigo shades for the florals(my favorite color), over a white buttercream base. The florals also had gold details, and pearl-like sprinkles that gave an elegant and dainty look… just what I wanted! Something simple, but elegant…and fun. The inside had two fillings: passionfruit and buttercream. The exotic and fruity taste of the passionfruit blended perfectly with the sweetness of the buttercream. This cake made turning 24 even better 🙂 And I’m already getting inspo for my next cake from her!

purple floral cake passionfruit and dulce de leche filling
miami 24 birthday barsecco


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